Jack Day's Worlds

All of us live in many worlds--the world of work, the world of family, the world of community. The nature of things is that these worlds stay fairly separate. When we meet someone from work while shopping, there's sometimes a moment's confusion--the person is out of place, he or she has stepped out of the world where we expect them. Only a few of our better friends know us in more than one of our worlds. This page invites you into step into Jack Day's different worlds:

Directory of Jack Day's Worlds

  • Vietnam Chaplain


  • For five generations, members of my Day family have been ordained ministers.
  • Providence United Methodist Church, Towson, Maryland. Previously I've been pastor of Monkton UMC, Monkton, Maryland; Grace UMC, Hampstead, Maryland; St. James UMC, West Friendship, Maryland; Epworth UMC (now Epworth- Ryland) in Washington DC, and Piney Plains Charge in Allegany County, Maryland. My home church is Christ UMC, Columbia, Maryland.
  • Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church. I officially retired July 1, 2008. I serve as Chair of the Board of Pensions and Health Benefits
  • General Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church. I continue to consult on health and mental health issues.
  • Selected sermons and other public presentations are displayed at the Doing Justice, Loving Mercy: Sermons and Services site. In 2000 a sermon won a prize as an "exemplary submission" from the John Templeton Foundation.
  • In May, 2010, I was awarded the degree of Doctor of Ministry by Wesley Theological Seminary, in the track "Faith and the Health of Communities," and was privileged in the spring of 2011 to teach a course in faith and health at the Howard University School of Divinity in Washington, D. C.


    Ministers , founded in 1989 as the National Conference of Viet Nam V
  • War Veteran Ministers. I am a founding member of the International Conference of War Veteraneteran Ministers. ICWVM has a new website now, but I maintain the original site as an archive. China: A Missionary Life.
  • As part of ICWVM I have worked with the Sidran Institute in Towson, Maryland to develop a curriculum on psychological trauma for faith community leaders. This curriculum, "Risking Connection in Faith Communities: A Curriculum for Faith Leaders Supporting Trauma Survivors was published in 2006.
  • Vietnam Chaplain: Central Highlands Diary Going back to Asia wearing a uniform made for a very different world. Fortunately, I took a camera. Thirty-five years later, in June 2004, I returned to Vietnam.
  • Deserts and Oases: A Veteran's Poetry Many of these poems are verbal snapshots; one of them won me an airplane ticket to Canton, NY.


  • Childhood: Dai Wan Kwang characters
  • Schools:
    From Inner Mongolia to Chapel Hill
    I grew up in a missionary family. Kindergarten was in Peking; most recent graduate school was in North Carolina. In between was Woodstock, a boarding school in the Himalaya mountains. I had a Chinese name -- Dai Wan Kwang -- almost as soon as I could pronounce my American name.
  • Genealogy Browningsville Connections (Genealogy) Information and links to Day, Walker, Beall, Purdum, King, Boyer, Lewis and other families of upper Montgomery County, Maryland. Once I thought perhaps Kittimaquund, Tapac of the Piscataways, was an ancestor, but like many legends, it didn't stand the test of research!


  • The World of Travel. We love to travel. Some of the photos can now find their way to the web.

    Wesley Day Autiobiography

  • China: A Missionary Life. My father's career in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia provided my first environment. At the age of 94, he died on June 5, 2005.

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